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Events & promotions

Flying Tigers was set up to offer an alternative to the current mundane rickshaw scene here in Copenhagen. Following the great success of advertising using rickshaws around the world in cities such as London and New York, we thought it only right that the same standards could found here in Copenhagen. So. Why use us?
  • A coulourful and attention grabbing, eye level media.
  • Mobile, yet slow moving advertising.
  • Modern, innovative and environmentally friendly.
  • Perfect merchandising tool - handing out promotional material
  • Professional image representing your brand and product.

Events & Promotions

Does your company want to get noticed, whilst providing a quality service at gala openings, tradeshows or promotions? They certainly will with our bikes providing the service. Available for year round branding, we also provide a fantastic media to advertise on at these one off special occasions. We are here to provide all the services you need for such events. We not only take care of the branding of the bikes, but we can offer ourselves to other aspects of the promotion, such as flyer distribution, wearing of t-shirts and perhaps most importantly free shuttle rides, so that your guests can arrive in comfort as well as putting a smile on their faces. Contact us now for a deal that fits all pockets.
"Think of rickshaws as rideable art that can just about save the world"
Grant Petersen
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