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A Brief Rickshaw History 

The first hand pulled rickshaw was invented in Japan around 1869, hence the word "rickshaw" comes from the Japanese jinrikisha which literally means "human-powered vehicle". They evolved into cycle rickshaws and today can be found around the world with names such as pedicab, cycle taxi, cycle rickshaw, cyclo (Cambodia), Becak (Indonesia).

Flying Tigers Rickshaws

We use the latest in rickshaw technology, by way of brand new German built Velocab. With space for two adults, you won't find another rickshaw that offers more comfort and safety. Their canopies are designed to offer full rain and wind protection, so in the event of a shower your tour will not be spoilt. At the same time they are fully reclinable, so you can bask in the beautiful sunshine of a summers day. 
Read more: www.velocab.com
"Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia"
H.G. Wells
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